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[EID: 142] [Date Added: 10/10/2015 3:34:17 PM] [Last Update: 10/14/2015 3:38:18 PM] [Tags » Study, Writing, ::VoHoangYen] [Preferred Language: Vietnamese] 
Discourses 1 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Khi lang băm Võ Hoàng Yên ra tay.
00:30 VHY cố tình lôi tay bé cho mạnh làm bé mất thăng bằng để cho mọi ng "cảm nhận" dáng đi của bé quá xấu.

5:30 VHY đẩy 2 chân của bé cùng về 1 góc giường tạo 1 đường méo, ở tư thế lệch dạng như z thì chân ng thường ai cũng bị làm thấy 1 ngắn 1 dài đc.

7:10 Để ý lúc nà ...»
[EID: 141] [Date Added: 3/1/2014 7:56:13 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Entertainment, Media.CGI, Special Interest, Transportation, ::starship, galaxon, starbase, saulohim] [Preferred Language: English] 
Media 2 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ the Galaxon
A Saulohim mothership, called Galaxon, leaving its home of a starbase to hunt down enemies of the empire..yeehaa'... ...»
[EID: 140] [Date Added: 10/4/2013 1:10:44 AM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Advertisement, Transportation.Motorcycle, ::CBR250R, Motorcycle] [Preferred Language: Vietnamese] 

Gallery (7)
Vietnam 3 [+] hoangvu3 :: ⌂→ Bán Moto CBR250R 2012 HQCN
cần lên cc nên chuyển nhượng lại cbr250 HQCN odo:8.xxxk nhé còn rất mới chỉ đi vòng vòng thành phố.
Giá ra đi của em nó là 120tr .................Mình tên Duy(22t) ở quận 8 SDT:01273716556 CALL&SMS.
hình ảnh em nó đây mới đi về nên hơi dơ. ...»

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[EID: 139] [Date Added: 9/13/2013 9:12:02 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Media, Transportation.Motorcycle, Technology, ::motorcycle, cgi] [Preferred Language: English] 
Media 4 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Tachyon Motorcycle
I'm tempted to call it something like Night Hawk or Dark Angel or something, anyway, the name is stuck, Tachyon it is. The T3 is supposedly denoting that the beast is compatible with a power engine displacement of 3000cc. ...»

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[EID: 138] [Date Added: 8/15/2012 4:40:08 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Entertainment, Media.CGI, ::spaceship, dakken] [Preferred Language: none] 
Media 5 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Deimos Dreadnaught
The pride of Dakken, the flagship Deimos (dreadnaught class) is the heart of the Galacium armada, armed with a host of planetary bombardment weapons and hundreds of fighters, it fears nothing and it's reckoned to annihilate anything that's foolish enough to stand in its path. Take a look at the dreadnaught as if it's your last chance, for it is said no single living creature has ever l ...»

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[EID: 137] [Date Added: 5/1/2012 10:51:28 AM] [Last Update: 5/21/2012 1:09:09 AM] [Tags » Media.CGI, Media.Fiction, ::] [Preferred Language: English] 
Media 6 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Dakken's Invasion
A little humorous taunt for thought, aliens' (or rather particularly known as the Dakken race) invasion off the coast of Nha Trang, Vietnam, LOL. ...»

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[EID: 136] [Date Added: 9/16/2011 5:07:45 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Media.CGI, Media.Fiction, ::] [Preferred Language: none] 
Media 7 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Saulohim Outpost 21566
Deep space outposts are the front-line of defense of the home world, at times, they are in the service of supporting far-reaching missions, may those be one of an all out invasion or simple reconnaissance.  The Saulohim, however, has a vested interest in outpost 21566, for it is dedicated in the prevention of the formation of intergalactic wormholes, particularly like those blessed by the [entryli ...»

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[EID: 135] [Date Added: 9/1/2011 1:51:55 AM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Album.Collection, Culture.Art, Entertainment, ::space, wormhole gate] [Preferred Language: none] 
Media 8 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Galacium Armada
The vanguard of an infinitely evil race, the only known galactic harbinger of doom in this humble sector of 10 million square parsecs of space, the Galacium armada is a force to be dreadfully reckoned with.  Wherever the Galacium armada blesses its inauspicious arrival, indigenous gods and creatures will cry, will wail begging for mercy, yet the ground will still shatter and disintegrate under the ...»

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[EID: 134] [Date Added: 8/1/2011 12:08:59 AM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Media.CGI, Transportation.Land, ::tank, military] [Preferred Language: none] 
Media 9 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ T-Maximus
People say I should have a propaganda machine for the website, so here goes!!! ...»

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[EID: 133] [Date Added: 7/2/2011 9:13:30 PM] [Last Update: 8/17/2011 9:18:37 PM] [Tags » Lifestyle.Self-help, Others, ::self-help] [Preferred Language: none] 
Discourses 10 [+] fuchiang :: ⌂→ Quantum Jumping, a Silly Delusion
Something very fishy about this website, it's one of the wild, out there self help programs that's plainly wrong. Some people just think that they can mix right out of the box quantum physics with social problems, they borderline on either committing a fraud of are just delusional.  My thought is to stay away from this shenanigan, tattle talk from con men behind the selling of this "p ...»

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