Terms of Use

This page is liable to future updates to reflect social vicissitudes and international standards, therefore, terms and conditions expounded on this document are subject to change at any time without prior written or any kind of notice.

1. Definitions.

  • The term "worldX" (patent pending) implies the company operating the website as well as the general services and related enterprises provided by IT, sometimes the term is referred to as "IT" or "ITS", or "WE" in the corporate sense.
  • The word "PROGRAM" implies all the code-behind which makes up the interactive UI and all the functions on this website.
  • The word "YOU" ("YOUR") means any USER who makes use of this website, which includes all anonymous and logged in (registered) activities.  For instance, by this definition, the very act of reading this TOU page (or any other page on worldX domain) makes YOU a user.
  • The term "ENTRY" refers to anything written by YOU which have been willingly submitted to be posted on worldX's systems including the forum area. It includes all free and paid/commercial postings.
  • All capitalized nouns and pronouns are for the convenience of YOUR reading, cases where they are written as lowercase do not change the matters of this Terms of Use.

2 . Design and Intention.

  • WorldX is a place where people from all walks of life come to write what they feel about a certain place or thing that they have come to know or live by, WE do not intend to exclude a person's right to participate on worldX based on their religion, race or level of education for 3 simple reasons: one, the internet is an extremely obscure medium, through which it's almost impossible to determine or control the real identity of the user visiting a website, therefore, when WE say "Only people over 18 (or Scientologists) are allowed to post on worldX," we're simply lying under the sun for there is no way we can enforce it.  Two, WE don't see any harm in the freedom to express one's opinion, anyone's.  Three, the best line of defense starts from home where diligence is soly the responsibility of the parents.
  • Children under the age of 13 (or the age considered utterly socially vulnerable under a legal system) are not allowed to participate in any of worldX's services, from posting to reading.  WorldX will, in its awareness and applicable range of authority, remove and forbid minors under the age of 13 from its systems whenever possible, no exceptions.
  • Minors from the age of 13 to 18 are required to ask their parents or legal custodians' permission before registering as a user on worldX; all submissions of information are recommended to be screened by the parents or legal custodians.
  • Worldx is designed to propagate harmless matters on a wide range of interests that serve as entertaining reinforcements and for your information.
  • WorldX is not designed for nor does it condone acts of but not limited to terrorism, war, favoritism, racial intolerance, religious bigotry, proselytism, cultism, intellectual arrogance, shameless self-promotion, superstition, vilification, deception, etc...
  • The collection of personal and collateral information such as email, postal address and name is purely for the purpose of identifying the USER and the ENTRY thereby within worldX's systems.  WorldX will not intentionally share private information with another party beyond the need to execute extraneous functions and features as agreed by the USER; for instance, when the USER agrees to having a [Google] map displayed on his or her ENTRY, worldX has to submit the address information found in the ENTRY to Google's system in order for it to plot the map, thence, the fate of the submitted information is bound by Google's terms, not worldX's.
  • Worldx is all about sharing information, whereas, most information posted on worldX is readily accessible through any anonymous internet/web interface, therefore, worldX cannot prevent your submitted information (viewable through its UI) being gathered by automatic "bots" or human labor to be used outside of worldX; if you won't accept the risk as such, you are advised not to post information that you're not willing to share with the public.

3. Range of Liability.

  • WorldX is a free service based on the first-come-first-serve principle.  It is explicitly and implicitly understood that worldX reserves the right to honor or terminate USERS at its own discretion.  WorldX reserves the right to terminate any of its services and software features, in part or whole, at any time without prior written or any sort of notice, and it will not stand to recompense any monetary losses, physical or mental damages as a result of this.
  • Opinions expressed on worldX by USERS are not necessarily endorsed by worldX, under no circumstances shall worldX be held responsible for any damages or copyright infringements made by YOUR (or USERS') ENTRIES.
  • WorldX's services and related enterprises are provided "AS IS".  WE do not expressly or implictly guarantee the effectiveness of using worldX in regards to YOUR personal and/or business endeavors.  WE shall not be held accountable for any server-related errors, network failures, faulty software, physical and mental damages, losses of business, death, opprobrium, acts of nature or gods, and all the human-based crimes through direct and indirect use of worldX.
  • Under no circumstances shall worldX be involved in cases of indemnity. Like the air we breathe and the vacuum space that sustains the celestial bodies, worldX likewise is a medium where information is sustained for the convenience of interested and incidental users alike, therefore, YOU cannot litigate worldX for anything wrong in your life or your use of worldX anymore than you can the air and the vacuum space.

4. Conditions.

  • Your acceptance to all of the provisions (or terms) stated in this entire document is a pre-requisite to participating on worldX, including posting and reading.
  • On the first go, you may choose whatever username on worldX you may see fit, however, worldX reserves the right to deny your choice of username due to the following reasons but not limited to: its similarity to officially reserved usernames, causing confusion and hard to read, being vulgar and offensive, and uncharacteristic.
  • worldX is not about impromptu, aimless or frivolous blogging, thus, every entry must serve a point not only to yourself but also others.  Don't post things such as what you like for breakfast, what movies are your favorites, or who's bothering you, etc... you have the services of Facebook, Twitter and the likes for that.  worldX's entries are precisely categorized (or as sanely as possible), which means the entries must be directly identified within the category which they are assigned, any posting deemed irrelevant, either by worldX and/or by users, is subject to removal or to be re-categorized.
  • In the spirit of promoting a healthy society, entries in the nature of suicide notes, psychological and physical threats, claims of morbid details, and admissions of sordid acts are not permitted.
  • Every submitted entry is naturally owned by the author yet is basically operated by worldX, WE reserve the right to "fair-use" which entails keeping an entry active for as long as WE desire, and quoting an entry (credited to YOU by the identification YOU have chosen through-out worldX) in part (or whole) in our other online and offline commercial publications and practical endeavors aimed at publicizing woldX's presence to the universe.  WorldX, will not sell YOUR ENTRY on the basis of the ENTRY alone, IT will not alter YOUR ENTRY, however, IT reserves the right to remove an ENTRY from ITS online and offline systems at its own discretion.  Even though you may request an explanation for the removal of YOUR ENTRY, worldX will not guarantee a response to this nature of inquiries or any other due to various reasons.
  • WorldX does not allow information of pornographical and indecent nature to be posted on its systems.  Since worldX has a world-wide embrace on all cultures and ideas, YOUR ENTRIES must meet the minimum standards befitting views of the global communities; positions of tolerance, comportment and respectfulness are laudably encouraged.
  • While worldX will try to maintain itself as best as it could, it does not guarantee an uninterrupted, perpetual state of service, nor does it claim any amount of uptime in serving YOUR ENTRIES.
  • YOU are not to directly or indirectly use worldX or any of its implementation of third party systems to commit frauds and libels towards dead or alive human and sentient beings alike, and not to invade other people's right to privacy.  You will be the sole proponent of YOUR own case against any legal action brought upon YOU, furthermore, worldX may also bring its own charges against any fraudulent and pernicious activities made on its systems.
  • Commercial ENTRIES are paid ENTRIES placed on the top order of town/district listing for the entire duration purchased, at any given time, there shall be no more than 3 commercial ENTRIES occupying the top of the listing.  Through the entire period of the paid listing, WorldX makes no guarantee to credit time loss due to server errors or hosting dispute at no fault of worldX.  However, should it be worldX's fault which may cause a downtime of more than 5 days within 30 days, worldX will consider compensation as long as it shall remain in business, the amount of compensation shall be in terms of service no more than the actual value lost.  Payments for commercial postings are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

5. Third Parties and Integrated Systems.

  • On several sections of worldX, as it is mutually beneficial to integrate the use of third party products and services (such as Google Map API and Local Search), WE ask you to respect the terms of use of worldX as much as those of the companies that provide the third party products and services.
  • YOU are responsible for any consequences resulting from the linking of data such as but not limited to audio, image and video files from non-worldX servers to YOUR ENTRY.

6. Others.

  • WorldX does its best to keep all personal information confidential, it will not intentionally share YOUR email and name to another party without the approval of one such as yourself and/or the involving judicial system(s).  WorldX makes no intention to absolutely guarantee that YOUR personal information submitted to worldX will not be hacked, faked, altered and/or used in any way that may be harmful to YOU and the others.
  • WorldX will not sell YOUR personal information to another party nor will it contact YOU on matters unrelated to worldX itself; for example, we may contact YOU to sell a worldX themed t-shirt or item, or to inquire about YOUR activities directly or indirectly related to worldX, but we will not offer other companies' products and services.
  • YOU are not to collect other users' personal information on worldX for any extraneous reasons other than to streamline your personal experience on worldX.  Any misuse of information collected on worldX is prohibited.

WorldX 12/2010.