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[EID: 97] [Date Added: 1/5/2011 7:20:15 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Accommodation, Accommodation.Hotel, ::] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 41 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Ho Phong Hotel - Phan Rang
Every once in a while a hidden gem gets discovered, not because you long to fulfill certain criteria but because it's there.  In the latest journey across the country back in July 2010, my decision to take a break in Phan Rang was not planned, at the crossroad from Ntl. Highway 1A splitting to the city of Phan Rang it suddenly occurred to me that I've never spent the night there...and so I ...»
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[EID: 96] [Date Added: 1/3/2011 2:19:43 AM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Accommodation.Hotel, Nature.Beach, ::seagull hotel] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 42 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Hai Au [Seagull] Hotel - Quy Nhon

Hai Au Hotel is right along the beach, just a little off the city center, but since Quy Nhon itself is a small town it's not too far from everything else.  Situated next to the Hoang Yen hotel which I was at first tempted to stay, however, Hai Au's brilliant and imposing profile had enthralled my eyes instead. Its interiors were spacious and modern looking, and surprisingly, the electronic ...»
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[EID: 95] [Date Added: 1/3/2011 1:59:28 AM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Nature.Beach, Travel.Sightseeing, ::beach] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 43 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Quy Nhon Beach
Apparently, the Quy Nhon beach is so close to the city that it has been enamored by the teeming locals during their pastimes, from physical exercises early in the morning to binge eating and drinking late in the afternoon, from the snapping of scenic moments to deploying romantic overtures and seizing ephemeral trysts, you name it, it all happens here on the beach.  The beach scene here harbors so ...»
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[EID: 94] [Date Added: 12/24/2010 8:00:29 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Health, Science, Writing, ::neuroimaging, Amen, Carlat] [Preferred Language: English] 
Discourses 44 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ The Wishful Aspect of Neuroimaging, Divination 2.0
As of late, I've been bombarded with torrents of the "wonders" of neuroimaging, that, according to the proponents of the "art", it can detect lies, diagnose and heal psychological as well as brain-related diseases, reason with teenagers, approximate family medical history, counsel you what sports to play, and install kitchen sinks (OK, I'm kidding about the kitchen sink ...»

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[EID: 93] [Date Added: 12/20/2011 11:19:30 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Travel.Guide, Writing.Review, ::cao lau] [Preferred Language: Vietnamese] 

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Vietnam 45 [+] gio_ha :: ⌂→ Cao Lầu Hội An và Sự Suy Sụp
Món Cao Lầu đã nổi tiếng hàng trăm năm nay rồi, ngay cả xuất xứ của nó có sự ảnh hưởng của người Nhật vào những năm Thế Chiến thứ Nhất cũng được nhắc tới và tranh cãi, nhưng đây không phải là cái ý của bài này.  Mình lên bài này không để quảng cáo Cao Lầu cho phố cổ Hội An, mà là để b ...»
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[EID: 92] [Date Added: 12/2/2010 9:32:40 PM] [Last Update: 12/21/2010 3:34:23 PM] [Tags » Study.Question, Travel.Guide, ::] [Preferred Language: none] 
Vietnam 46 [+] vagablaster :: ⌂→ Chổ tui làm việc
Mình làm chổ này hơn mấy năm nay rồi, các bác đoán xem chổ này là ở đâu nhé.

CcCcC ...»

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[EID: 91] [Date Added: 10/12/2010 11:18:39 AM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Announcement.Warning, Shopping, ::ebay scam] [Preferred Language: none] 
Discourses 47 [+] megandl :: ⌂→ eBay Scam
Not me who got scammed, I'm posting out of a friend's experience and, firstly, I thought it should be helpful for others to avoid if they haven't been familiar with this kind of scams; secondly, it is very frustrating that eBay doesn't really have a place for users to discuss and share their bad experiences so that the scammers are put right where they are, because deleting their a ...»

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[EID: 90] [Date Added: 10/3/2010 2:58:04 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Adventure, Travel, Travel.Sightseeing, ::wild exploration] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 48 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ In and Out of Da Lat
Frankly, I am not very keen on traveling with tour groups which always have planned, fixed destinations, thus, my travels have always been consisted of myself and/or with a few good friends picked out on a whimsical day, then let gods sort out the rest.  For me, it's most preferable to go to a sight-seeing place as long as it's not fenced and ticketed, for with the fencing and the ticketin ...»

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[EID: 89] [Date Added: 10/1/2010 3:52:23 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Accommodation.Hotel, Travel, ::hotel] [Preferred Language: English] 

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Vietnam 49 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Phu Thinh Hotel

After the 8 hours straight riding on a motorbike from Quang Ngai to Nha Trang, I didn't really care much for a sea-view room nor a conveniently located place within a walking distance to almost anywhere a tourist may desire, I just needed a clean, quiet place to rest.  Within a few minutes wandering away from the bustling Tran Phu street I discovered the Phu Thinh Hotel on 85 Nguyen Thai Hoc s ...»
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[EID: 88] [Date Added: 8/27/2010 6:10:54 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Religion.Buddhism, Special Interest, Study.Survey, ::] [Preferred Language: none] 
Discourses 50 [+] omniboy :: ⌂→ Monks' Marathon
I've been quite skeptical about those monks do their marathon across the countries such India and Vietnam, in practice what have they achieved other than impressing people with their toiling, long distance effort? Impressive?-hardly! What they're doing is the same as those who walk or run on their feet, or those who train almost every day in the park or the gym, the energy expended is the ...»

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