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[EID: 67] [Date Added: 7/30/2009 1:47:30 PM] [Last Update: 9/23/2009 3:46:18 PM] [Tags » News.Article, Paranormal, Paranormal.Psychic, ::skepticism, di doan, tiem nang con nguoi] [Preferred Language: Vietnamese] 
News 71 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Cơ Quan Dị Đoan (Institutionalized Superstition)
Theo bài viết dưới đây của VNExpress.net thì có nhiều người bị thầy này cô nọ gạt tiền chỉ vì họ mê muội dị đoan, mới đọc mấy phần đầu thì tôi cũng thấy bài báo này phản ánh đúng sự thật.  Nhưng đọc mãi mà tôi vẫn không thấy bài viết đề cập tới cái lý lẽ tại sao người ta không nê ...»

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[EID: 66] [Date Added: 7/22/2009 7:08:46 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Adventure.Outdoors, Adventure.Motorcycling, Travel, Travel.Sightseeing, ::mekong town] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 72 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Soc Trang Drive Through
March 2009,

The last city at the southern end of route 60.  My only remark, the river-like channel that runs across town makes a charming impression.

{This is a follow-up entry complementing to the [entrylink]62,Route 60, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh and Soc Trang[/entrylink]} ...»

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[EID: 65] [Date Added: 7/22/2009 7:03:42 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Adventure.Outdoors, Adventure.Motorcycling, Travel.Sightseeing, ::pond, khmer history, lengend] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 73 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Ao Bà Om (Lady Om's Pond)
March 2009,

While maintaining our path for Tra Vinh I'm not expecting anything big to be sight-seeing, however, the touristy slogan of a sign that says “Ao Ba Om” (Ba Om's Pond) catches my eyes; seems like a good idea to make a detour for a little R&R, it's only a few kilometers off the main path anyway.  Unfortunately, there's nothing really worth staying for besides the le ...»

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[EID: 64] [Date Added: 7/22/2009 6:58:58 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Adventure.Motorcycling, Travel.Sightseeing, ::cham temple] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 74 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Tra Vinh Drive Through
March 2009,

In my opinion, this is the greenest town of all the western lowlands in the Mekong River delta, huge trees are lining up on almost every street making the town itself suavely cool to ride through.

{This is a follow-up entry complementing to the [entrylink]62,Route 60, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh and Soc Trang[/entrylink]} ...»

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[EID: 63] [Date Added: 7/22/2009 6:53:55 PM] [Last Update: 7/27/2009 9:27:37 PM] [Tags » Adventure.Outdoors, Adventure.Motorcycling, Travel.Sightseeing, ::rach mieu, bridge] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 75 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Rach Mieu Bridge
March 2009,

The starting point of route 60, across the southern end of the Mekong river spanning almost 3000 meter in length connecting Tien Giang and Ben Tre provinces.  The first newly inaugurated site to behold as we were heading for Tra Vinh and Soc Trang.  One local woman proudly commented, “this bridge covers over 3 rivers and makes a lot of ferries obsolete!”  Upon close observation, it& ...»

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[EID: 62] [Date Added: 7/22/2009 6:43:46 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Adventure, Adventure.Outdoors, Adventure.Motorcycling, Travel.Sightseeing, ::motorbiking, mekong, mien tay, blogsherpa] [Preferred Language: none] 
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Vietnam 76 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Route 60, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh and Soc Trang

March 2009,

I have always wanted to ride through the Western region (Mien Tay) of Vietnam through the 60, 61 and 80 highways [instead of the usual route 1A which I already did all the way down to Ca Mau a few years ago].  It would be a little stretch of the imagination if you want to call them highways, then again, since there are no other terms befitting a network of partially paved, unpaved, ...»

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[EID: 61] [Date Added: 7/13/2009 5:18:31 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Places.Airport, Transportation, ::airport, taiwan] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Taiwan 77 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Walk-through
Some captures of one among my favorite airports, clean, neat, warm and personal. ...»
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[EID: 60] [Date Added: 7/12/2009 6:25:38 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Culture, Things.Miscellaneous, Travel.Sightseeing, ::hoi an, drive through, street, blogsherpa] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 78 [+] administrator :: ⌂→ Hoi An Drive Through
February 2009,

As we were passing by Hoi An, the weather was mildly pleasing as the usually scorching sun was now going into a lull, thus we made a jaunt around the town of Hoi An just for the heck of it.  On the pillion my friend Viet turned out to be quite a shutterbug snapping enthusiastically in all directions, capturing anything that he thought tourists, or rather he, would come to Hoi An ...»

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[EID: 59] [Date Added: 7/12/2009 6:13:23 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Culture, Food-Drink.Restaurant, ::hue style, restaurant] [Preferred Language: none] 

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Vietnam 79 [+] worldx :: ⌂→ Hue Xua
We stopped here for a late lunch, it was a really, really late lunch so that we were able to try most items on the menu.  At times, when my imagination can barely hold on to itself, I tend to think that Hoi An is the small and only version of the vibrant Hue; and in this exact fuzzy state of mind did I find Hue Xua along the street of Cua Dai in Hoi An... To sum it up in a line, Hue Xua can do the ...»
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[EID: 58] [Date Added: 7/12/2009 6:09:54 PM] [Last Update: not yet] [Tags » Accommodation.Resort, Study.Question, ::resort, ancient] [Preferred Language: none] 
Vietnam 80 [+] worldx :: ⌂→ Ancient House Resort
This house doesn't really look “ancient” to me, more like a typical design influenced by the French colonial period—or maybe that's how ancient they think it is.  The reason I say “influenced by” is because I wouldn't know if it was built many decades ago or just last year.  Anyway, on my last trip passing through Hoi An, I got curious of the place and I would have stayed there for a f ...»

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